A New Kind of Fitness

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Our Programs

program 1

CORE Power

Build your strength to whole new levels with a unique focus on Foundational Strength Based Movements intermixed in a style you’ve not experienced before.

program 2

CORE Engine

Our High Paced environment that’s a blend of CORE Power and CORE Endurance. The perfect choice for someone who enjoys getting their heart 

program 3

CORE Endurance

With a slower and longer movement based focus, you will love CORE Endurance for the mental strength and character they develop. You’ll be challenged with

About us

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You first. That’s our philosophy

Humans matter to us, not just sometimes, but always. In order for you to get to where you want to go you not only need a healthy training habit, you also need a supportive community and environment that sees you thrive

CORE Active is the perfect blend of Old-School Protocols and Modern Day Practices to bring you a new way to train that’s unlike anything in you have done before.

With a unique approach to small-group training and specially designed programs that focus on prioritising strength and technique – you’ll receive everything required to achieve what is important to you…

…be it building strength and muscle, dropping down a size or experiencing the best hours of your day

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Why we do it


This isn’t your typical “functional fitness” thing. This is unlike anything – a new kind of fitness

Human connection. That’s our focus. You, first

With an approach to fitness that is rooted in tried-and-tested, simple and effective strength and conditioning our programming is designed to build strong, resilient humans who feel good and work hard

Our unique approach to periodisation and fitness as a whole see’s our programming continually in phases

Regardless of if you’re into our CORE Power, CORE Engine or CORE Endurance – some things remain constant…

…you’re going to feel a part of something special, finally enjoy your “training” and become the strongest in body and mind you’ve ever been