A New Kind of Fitness

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The Core Active Difference

We’ve partnered with Verce Group Training to bring you the most innovative and impactful group training system on the market.

Think the tailored service of a personal trainer paired with the high vibe environment that a functional group training environment brings.

Functional Strength, Condition and Structural Balance are the 3 pillars and class styles at Core Active that create the Core Active difference.

functional StrengtH

Build your strength to a whole new level with a unique focus on Foundational Strength Based Movements. Core Functional Strength is the closest class you will find on the market to having a personal training session in a group based environment. 


Our High Paced class aimed to get your heart rate up, working up a sweat and challenging yourself to test your limits both physically and mentally. 
You’ll leave after a condition class feeling on top of the world with endorphins pumping through the body.


When it gets tough we turn to others for support.
When we want more connection we turn to others.
When we want to have fun, we do it with others!!!

Imagine a team based class where you will be put to the test but also have a lot of fun.

About us

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You first. That’s our philosophy

Humans matter to us, not just sometimes, but always. In order for you to get to where you want to go you not only need a healthy training habit, you also need a supportive community and environment that wants to see you thrive

CORE Active is the perfect blend of results based intentional programming, a high vibe and electric environment and the support of highly skilled coaches to bring you a new way to train that’s not just another fad. 

With a unique approach to small-group training and specially designed programs that focus on prioritising strength and technique – you’ll receive everything required to achieve what is important to you…

…be it building strength and muscle, dropping down a size or experiencing the best hours of your day

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Why we do it


This isn’t your typical “functional fitness” thing. This is unlike anything – a new kind of fitness

Human connection. That’s our focus. You, first

With an approach to fitness that is rooted in tried-and-tested, simple and effective strength and conditioning our programming is designed to build strong, resilient humans who feel good and work hard

Our unique approach to periodisation and fitness as a whole see’s our programming continually evolving with each phase

Regardless of you’re experience and level of fitness right now, our expert CORE Active coaches will meet you where you are at.
Our programs are designed to be regressed and progressed so that this isn’t another cookie cutter gym that keeps you around only because of the vibe. 

…you’re going to feel a part of something special, finally enjoy your “training” and become the strongest in body and mind you’ve ever been.